For Second Semester of Academic Year 2019/2020, the Department of Sociology & Anthropology is offering three Anthropology courses and six Sociology courses. The Anthropology courses include ANTH 300 (Social Anthropology), ANTH 302 ( Ethnology & Ethnography of Africa), and ANTH 402 (Theory & History of Anthropology). The six Sociology courses include SOCI 300 (Social Institutions), SOCI 302 (Social Change), SOCI 304 (Rural Sociology), SOCI 306 (Social Stratification), SOCI 402 (Social Theory), and SOCI 405 (Practical Research). Below is the schedule containing the courses with the different sections and assigned classrooms.

ANTH300Social Anthropology31AB1-4S T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMMr. Wellington Sombai
ANTH300Social Anthropology32CPAV-5T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMDr. Nathaniel Gbessagee
ANTH302Ethnology & Ethnography of Africa31AC1-13T/TH2:00 PM3:30 PMMr. Wellington Sombai
ANTH302Ethnology & Ethnography of Africa32ACG-31M/W/F12:00 PM1:00 PMMr. Sekou W. Konneh
ANTH402Theory & History of Anthropology31CPAV-3T/TH2:00 PM3:30 PMDr. Nathaniel Gbessagee
SOCI300Social Institutions31FQ-28M/W/F12:00 PM1:00 PMMr. Charles Mayon
SOCI300Social Institutions32CPAV-6T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMMr. Charles Mayon
SOCI300Social Institutions33ACG-32M/W/F12:00 PM1:00 PMMr. Addison Daybah
SOCI300Social Institutions34ACG-31T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMr. Addison Daybah
SOCI300Social Institutions35AC2-45M/W/F11:00 AM12:00 PMMr. Hassan Telema
SOCI300Social Institutions36FQ-31SAT11:00 AM2:00 PMMs. Sorna Sherif
SOCI300Social Institutions37AC1-39T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMRev. John Quaqua
SOCI300Social Institutions38CPAV-9T/TH3:30 PM5:00 PMMr. Sembalam Gbangbolor
SOCI300Social Institutions39ACG-32M/W/F10:00 AM11:00 AMMr. Joseph McGill
SOCI300Social Institutions310ACG-32M/W/F9:00 AM10:00 AMMr. Joseph McGill
SOCI302Social Change31TH-2M/W/F2:00 PM3:00 PMMr. Henry H. Sackie
SOCI302Social Change32ACG-21M/W/F2:00 PM3:00 PMMr. Samuel Argbason
SOCI302Social Change33AC1-15SAT8:00 AM11:00 AMMr. Peter F. Zaizay
SOCI302Social Change34AC1-12 T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMrs. Saydah W. Taylor
SOCI302Social Change35CPAV-6T/TH12:30 PM2:00 PMMr. Patrick Sudue
SOCI302Social Change36Capitol Hill (TBA)T/TH12:30 PM2:00 PMMr. James Karneh
SOCI302Social Change37FQ-29SAT11:00 AM2:00 PMAtty. Kula Jackson
SOCI304Rural Sociology31AC1-12M/W/F9:00 AM10:00 AMMr. Morris K. Wheh
SOCI304Rural Sociology32AC1-17M/W/F11:00 AM12:00 PMMr. Morris K. Wheh
SOCI304Rural Sociology33AC1-40T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMr. Morris K. Wheh
SOCI304Rural Sociology34AC1-39T/TH12:30 PM2:00 PMMr. Morris K. Wheh
SOCI304Rural Sociology35FQ-23M/W/F9:00 AM10:00 AMMr. Patrick Nuetah
SOCI304Rural Sociology36AC1-41T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMr. Patrick Nuetah
SOCI304Rural Sociology37AC1-41T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMMr. Patrick Nuetah
SOCI304Rural Sociology38AC1-41T/TH12:30 PM2:00 PMMr. Patrick Nuetah
SOCI304Rural Sociology39TH-16M/W/F8:00 AM9:00 AMMr. George B. Wah
SOCI304Rural Sociology310CPAV-9T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMs. Fatimata B. Mansaray
SOCI306Social Stratification31AC1-14 T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMrs. Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh
SOCI306Social Stratification32TH-9M/W/F9:00:00 AM10:00 AMMrs. Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh
SOCI306Social Stratification33AC1-14T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMMrs. Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh
SOCI306Social Stratification34TH-4M/W/F10:00 AM11:00 AMMrs. Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh
SOCI402Social Theory31TH-8M/W/F12:00 PM1:00 PMMr. Samuka Dunnoh
SOCI402Social Theory32AC2-16 M/W/F11:00 AM12:00 pmDr. J. Kerkula Foeday
SOCI402Social Theory33CPAV-5T/TH2:00 PM3:30 PMMr. Saa David Nyuma, Jr.
SOCI402Social Theory34TH-49T/TH8:00 AM9:00 AMMr. Godfrey Eloho
SOCI402Social Theory35TH-2SAT2:00 PM5:00 PMMr. Alfred Sayon
SOCI402Social Theory36AC1-16SAT11:00 AM2:00 PMMr. Peter F. Zaizay
SOCI405Practical Research31TH-22M/W/F8:00 AM9:00 AMMr. J. Mac-Nixon Flomo
SOCI405Practical Research32TH-49T/TH3:30 PM5:00 PMMr. J. Mac-Nixon Flomo
SOCI405Practical Research33AC1-16SAT8:00 AM11:00 AMMr. J. Mac-Nixon Flomo
SOCI405Practical Research34AC1-16SAT2:00 PM5:00 PMMr. J. Mac-Nixon Flomo
SOCI405Practical Research35AC2-12 T/TH9:30 AM11:00 AMMr. Stephen Jubwe
SOCI405Practical Research36TH-4SAT2:00 PM5:00 PMMr. Lancedell Matthews
SOCI405Practical Research37TH-16SAT8:00 AM11:00 AMMr. James S. Shilue
SOCI405Practical Research38CPAV-7T/TH12:30 PM2:00 PMMr. Saa David Nyuma, Jr.
SOCI405Practical Research39CPAV-7T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMDr. J. Kerkula Foeday
SOCI405Practical Research310AC1-42T/TH11:00 AM12:30 PMMs. Roseline Kanlar Tomah