February 3 - March 12Monday - ThursdayRegistration for UL 1st Entrance 2020
February 11TuesdayArmed Forces Day – National Holiday
March 2MondayGrade Report Access (GRA): 1st Semester 2019/2020
March 2MondayJoint Faculty Senate & Administrative Council Meeting
March 11WednesdayDecoration Day – National Holiday
March 15SundayJ. J. Roberts Birthday – National Holiday
March 16MondayObservance of J. J. Roberts Birthday
March 17TuesdayAcademic Coordinating Committee (ACC) Meeting
March 23 - April 18Monday - SaturdayRegistration for 2nd Semester 2019/2020. Course
Enrollment, Billing, & Payment Period: Current,
Returning, & Transferred Students
March 24TuesdayFaculty Senate Meeting
March 30MondayCommencement of Classes
April 4SaturdayUL 1st Entrance Examinations for
Graduate & Professional Schools
April 6 - 16Monday - SaturdayAdd & Drop
April 10FridayFast & Prayer Day (Easter Friday – National Holiday)
April 11SaturdayUL 1st Entrance for Undergraduate Colleges, COGS,
& David Straz-Sinje Technical College
April 21TuesdayAcademic Coordination Committee (ACC) Meeting
April 28TuesdayFaculty Senate Meeting
May 11MondayStudent Preliminary Roster Access
May 14ThursdayUnification Day – National Holiday
May 18 - June 24Monday - WednesdayRegistration for UL 2nd Entrance 2020
May 19TuesdayAcademic Coordination Committee (ACC) Meeting
May 25 - 30Monday - SaturdayMid-Term Examination (Graduate & Undergraduate
May 26TuesdayFaculty Senate Meeting
June 16TuesdayAcademic Coordination Committee (ACC) Meeting
June 22MondayStudent Final Roster Access
June 23TuesdayFaculty Senate Meeting
July 4SaturdayUL 2nd Entrance Exams for Graduate and Professional Schools,
David Straz-Sinje Technical College & College of General Studies (COGS)
July 10FridayLectures End (Graduate & Undergraduate)
July 11SaturdayUL 2nd Entrance Exams for Undergraduate Colleges
July 13 - 18Monday - SaturdayFinal Examinations (Graduate Schools)
July 13 - 25Monday - SaturdayFinal Examinations (Undergraduate)
July 13 - 18Monday - SaturdayFinal Examinations: Freshmen & Senior (WEEK ONE)
July 14 - 24Tuesday - FridaySubmission of WEEK ONE Grades for
2nd Semester 2019/ 2020
July 20 - 25Monday - SaturdayFinal Examinations: Sophomore & Junior (WEEK TWO)
July 21 - August 1Tuesday - SaturdaySubmission of WEEK TWO Grades for
2nd Semester 2019/ 2020
July 26SundayIndependence Day – National Holiday
July 27 MondayObservance of Independence Day
August 10MondayGrade Report Access (GRA): 2nd Semester 2019/2020

Here is the pdf copy of the Second Semester 2019-2020 Academic Calendar.