Below are the following reports:



The following forms are available online. Manual copies are available in the Department as well. Follow the instructions for filling out and submitting each form.

  • Student’s Pre-Clearance Form – ELECTRONIC VERSION. This form is for students who are about to graduate. Students in this category are to electronically fill out the form, download, print, and submit the form for processing when requested for by the Department.
  • Sociology Students’ Progress Report Sheet – Electronic Version. This form is to be filled out and submitted after the pre-clearance form has been submitted and processed. The form is to be electronically filled out accurately, printed out, and submitted (three copies) along with three photos of the student attached to each copy. The student should keep a copy for his or her record. For question(s) regarding the form, contact the Department for clarification.
  • Student Performance Per Semester Summary Report ELECTRONIC VERSION. This form is intended for instructors, not for students. Instructors are to fill out the form electronically, save it with a unique filename containing the name or initials of the instructor, and then mail the completed form to the Department at the end of each semester, after the instructor has submitted his or her final grades for the semester. This report will facilitate the preparation and submission of the Department Annual Report to the Office of the Dean of the College. Every instructor is expected to download, fill out, and submit the form at the end of each semester.
  • SAIL-Students-Assessing-Instruction-Learning-Form-Revised Electronic Version. As a Department, our vision is to be an academic unit in the University of Liberia interested in promoting an atmosphere of academic freedom and scholarly competence. We are committed to providing and maintaining conditions for sound learning. To achieve this requires regular assessment of instruction and student learning outcomes. This SAIL assessment tool is designed for this purpose and is intended for the students, as a critical stakeholders, to use to provide us information on how our faculty members are performing and how well they are learning. Participation in the survey is voluntary and confidential. A student is not required or forced to participate; however, we encourage all students to participate and fill out the form fully with accurate, unbiased information, because the data being collected will be used for modification and improvement purposes and for promoting student learning in the Department.