Given the commitment of the Department to facilitating student learning outcomes and to ensuring that students have access to affordable learning resources, the links below are provided for students to access and make use of relevant materials that the sites contain:

  • Google Advanced Search. This is a feature built in Google and in other search engines to allow students and researchers to specify what they are looking for online. It allows users to do advanced research by providing more specific information, which helps refine the search.
  • Google Scholar. This search tool allows students and researchers to search for peer-reviewed literature or articles. It provides an opportunity for the student to search across many disciplines and sources, including journal articles, theses and dissertations, books, abstracts of research, etc.
  • Liberia e-Library. This website provides daily open access to students, teachers, and researchers, with the goal of facilitating learning, teaching, and research.
  • Open Textbook Network. The Open Textbook Network (OTN) is a group of universities and colleges that helps promote higher education by ensuring that universities and colleges advance the use of open textbooks and practices on their campuses.
  • Open Textbook Library. OTL is an organization committed to ensuring that every student have access to affordable textbooks.
  • University of Minnesota Center for Open Education. The COE believes that the future of education is open. It supports initiatives that build and promote access to educational resources and research.
  • Oregon State University Open Education Resources. Oregon State University is an advocate for learners everywhere; it finds ways to make higher education more affordable. Through this link students will be able to access and use more open educational resources (OERs).

These are just few of the links that provide access to free and affordable textbooks and other resources for students. More links will be provided. Students are urged to make optimal use of these links.