The Department values and promotes scholarship through research and publication. It encourages students and faculty members to conduct social research for publication from time to time. Avenues for support will often be explored locally, nationally, and internationally by the Department with the approval of the Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Additionally, the Department will work with the Student Association to publish a monthly newsletter, highlighting activities of the Department. This may help hone the writing skills of students in addition to popularizing the Department.

To support and promote a research culture at the University, the Department will conduct a cross-sectional study every year. This annual study shall be called Liberia National Survey of Attitudes and Behavior (LINSAB). Important information will be collected on the attitudes and behavior of Liberians, particularly on the frequency, characteristics, and consequences of law violations and criminal victimization in Liberia. Findings from LINSAB may be useful in local and national policy formulations and implementations.