The Department recognizes the need for holistically preparing students for the larger society. As such, students majoring in Sociology and minoring in Anthropology and other disciplines are often encouraged to join the Sociology & Anthropology Student Association (SASA). Founded on June 25, 1977, the student association has helped foster, promote, and maintain good relationships and interactions among students on the UL campuses. It serves as a valuable link between the faculty and students in addressing student grievances in an orderly manner. It is a member organization of the Liberia College Student Association (LCSA), which advocates for Liberia College students in the Student Union.

SASA provides a forum in which students participate in research work, study trips, seminars, etc. Some of the activities the Association has undertaken over the years include tutorial programs, publication of an annual journal, community services through voluntary service corps, and exploration of opportunities for part-time jobs for students.

More importantly, SASA is an invaluable asset to the Department. It has contributed significantly to the effective running of the Department by providing students to volunteer in the Department and by donating equipment and materials to the Department. The air conditions in the two offices (i.e. the Chairman Office and the Staff Office) at the Fendall Campus were purchased and installed by the 99th Graduating Class (the Comte Class). The desk top computers in the Staff Office at the Fendall Campus and the one in the Capitol Hill sub-office were purchased by students. These are just a few of the many invaluable contributions SASA has made to the continuous, effective running of the Department over the years.