It shall be the responsibility of faculty members to assess student learning outcomes in tandem with guidelines set by the University. Student assessment shall be both formative and summative, meaning faculty members shall assess students during the learning process in the semester (i.e. formative assessment) so as to modify their teaching and instructional activities and at the end of the semester (i.e. summative assessment).

The principles that guide faculty members when planning and executing student learning assessment are as follows:

  • The University core objectives and educational values. In assessing our students, we consider the core objectives of the University. We keep in mind what the University values most in light of preparing students to become good and productive citizens. We do not ignore the mission of the University as a higher institution of learning. We see student assessment as a process through which we improve upon what the University truly cares about.
  • Vision, mission, and objectives of the Department. In addition to considering the broader mission of the University as the nation’s highest center of learning, our faculty considers the Department’s vision, mission, and objectives when assessing student learning.