Of the 15 academic units in Liberia College, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology has the largest number of students. In fact, it is the largest department in the College and the second largest department in the University. Enrollment fluctuates between 1,500 and 2500 students per semester, of which at least 60 percent are female and at most 40 percent are male.

Table 1 and Table 2 below present the categories of students enrolled in sociology and anthropology courses offered by the Department in Second Semester 2017/2018 and in First Semester 2018/2019. A total of 2,201 students was recorded in Second Semester 2017/2018, and a total of 2,470 was recorded for First Semester 2018/2019. Table 1 contains the breakdown of the 2,201 by student enrollment by classification, and Table 2 presents student enrollment by gender for the two semesters in question.

Table 1. Student Enrollment by Classification in Second Semester 2017/2018

FreshmenSophomoreJuniorSeniorTotal No. of Students

* Inclusive in the 2,201 was the 99th Comte Class. The Department put out 440 students during that graduation.

Table 2. Student Enrollment by Gender in Second Semester 2017/2018 & First Semester 2018/2019

SemesterMaleFemaleTotal No. of Students
Second Semester 2017/20188811,3202,201
First Semester 2018/20191,0231,4472,470
Total No. of Students1,9042,7674,671