One of the purposes of the University is to provide guidance to students’ life and to help students recognize their needs, abilities, and values to become capable of meeting the moral, socioeconomic, cultural, and emotional problems of life. Emphasis is placed on making the student a wholesome person by developing his or her intellectual power.

The Department assures the success of students through a robust advisement program. To realize this, at the beginning of each academic year, each student is assigned a faculty adviser with due consideration given to the student’s professional interest. Students are counseled concerning their degree and career objectives. The department involves faculty members in the advisement of students and ensures an effective advisement program by maintaining appropriate faculty–student ratios, up- to-date student advisement records in the department, and ongoing assessment of the program by the Department Chair.

Students are often encouraged to consult with their advisers as regularly as possible on matters related to their academic programs. Students are given guidance on vocational and extra-curricular programs. If an adviser cannot handle a specific student’s problem, the student is referred to the Office of Student Affairs to meet a counselor or a qualified professional. Students are often advised to maintain regular contacts with their advisers and the Office of Student Affairs for necessary information and assistance. They are also advised to contact the Department Chair when necessary. Click here for the Department Faculty and Staff Directory just in case you want to contact specific faculty and staff members.