The student course guide is not intended to replace any provisions in the Charter of the University of Liberia and the UL Student Handbook, nor is it intended to replace any policies and regulations formulated by the Board of Trustees, the University Council, the Faculty Senate, the Academic Coordination Committee (ACC), and other standing committees regarding the smooth running of the University. It is intended to buttress measures aimed at ensuring the effective management of the Department. It is designed with the goal of supporting the UL Administration in achieving the vision and objectives of the University by maintaining an effective department.

More specifically, the course guide serves as a departmental policy handbook, intended to fulfill our sacred responsibilities and duties to our students, staff, and faculty. Oftentimes, students and others interested in our programs ask if the Department has a policy handbook with information about the Department, faculty, staff, students, requirements for graduation, employment opportunities for students, etc.  These constant inquiries coupled with our commitment to ensuring an effective department as well as quality education for our students necessitated the writing and adoption of the course guide. The guide is more detailed and answers all the questions students may have. It will help students easily plan and monitor the courses they are required to do in order to graduate in time.

Here is the Department Revised Course Guide for you to download and have a copy for yourself or just read it online.